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Elder M. Russell Ballard (The Old Ship Zion)

What An Amazing Talk From This Last General Conference-

As The World Is Literally Spinning Into Darker Realms, It Would Be Wise To Take Council From The Lords Chosen Leaders In These Latter-Days, Even The Prophets, Seers, And Revelators.

The Following Information May Seem To Have No Ties, But As You Look Closer... You'll See That By Following The Lords Servants, We Can Avoid Many Of The Trappings Of The Adversary, And His Agents Of Doom-  "The Future Is As Bright As Your Faith", President Thomas S. Monson.

My Vision of the Probable Future In the United StatesOctober 4, 2015October 6, 2015by

I am the first to admit that I am not psychic and I have no educational advantages that allow me to forecast what our future is going to look like. In fact, this entire undertaking is pure conjecture based upon the reading of hundreds of articles, official papers, and opinions of others. My goal in writing this article is to make the best use of common sense which o…