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Political & Cultural Evidences - Last Days Prophecy

To watch the full version(s) begin with a click to: - loaded with over 7.5 hours of evidences and lessons to help teach us about prophecy and revelation regarding the Lord's second coming.
Have faith and fear not! Be Prepared! It is even at our doorstep!

"Only a Matter of Time" is a 7-1/2 hour documentary that covers the Scriptural, Prophetic, Physical, Celestial, Wars, Political, Cultural, and Historical evidences concerning the signs of the times, the 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ, and the Biblically prophesied end of the world.

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Christ Yehoshua Our Savior Jesus Appeared in NORTH AMERICA

The Second coming is close:
"At the post-Conference briefing by the General Authorities responsible for the Auxiliaries, we were told that the focus of the training of world-wide priesthood leaders during the previous week was two-fold rather than the usual many-fold: Keeping theSabbathdayholy and Self-reliance. The Brethren are working to prepare the Saints for the Second Coming of the Savior, and feel that if members will become strong in those areas, we will be prepared. We were also told that the concept that "the Savior will come when we are ready" is false; that, in fact, He will come when HE is ready, and we'd better be ready and prepared! All of the "signs of the times" have been sufficiently fulfilled, so we were encouraged to pray for Him to come soon."

This is what he Brethren listed as self-reliance. It was a good reminder to me that there is a lot involved in being self-reliant. 12 Principles of Self-Reliance
The Lord has decl…