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Lord I would follow thee.- Natalia Wolfgramm ( The Birth pains of Zion will be Incredibly Difficult)

I'm Adding This Deeply Researched Material From A Dear Friend And Brother- John 'Uluakiola
This Is His Research And I Believe It Would Only Benefit Our Preparations Of The Second Coming
Of Jesus Christ.

This is a part of a conversation on how Zion will come into fruition – after HEAVY (prophesied) persecution and trials. (The likes of which, the living [second anointed] servants of God have recently prophesied, we have NEVER seen before)
The birth pains of Zion will be incredibly difficult (JST–Revelation 12)
The devil's minions have largely withdrawn their open persecution since Pres. Woodruff issued the 1890 Manifesto on plural marriage. A first manifesto that was later followed by a second manifesto – following Elder Reed Smoot's Senate Impeachment trial (over the issue of his active post-1890 manifesto plural marriages) – during Joseph F. Smith's time (wherein we stopped swearing to avenge the deaths of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, against t…