I Can't Believe It's Food Storage Audio Book

This book was a DELIGHT to read.
It was done in FULL COLOR, with fantastic typesetting, great images, delightful illustrations, Simple & Easy to understand concepts all in a FUN & ENTERTAINING style. I called the publisher and ordered a case of them! It has been YEARS since I last added a book on food storage to the LDS-AVOW bookstore, simply because I hadn't seen anything worthy of being added. Debbie, I am sorry I didn't jump on this sooner. You did a GREAT JOB LADY!!

Brothers & Sisters, have I got a GREAT BOOK FOR YOU!


I STRONGLY encourage everyone on AVOW to take a couple minutes and look over this book. I have scanned in several sample pages to make sure you get a sense of what the book Looks like and Feels like on the inside.

And I COMPLETELY AGREE with her little blurb here.


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