Near Death Experiences and Mormonism (Excellent)

Published on Dec 25, 2015

A "collage" of over 120 individual statements made by those that have experienced life after death. This is the story of all of us. It is the plan of salvation through the eyes of those that have had their eyes opened in death. It's told through the eyes of atheists, agnostics, Catholics, Muslims and various Christians faiths. I believe that each Near Death Experience (NDE) is trying to wake humanity up to its true nature and provide knowledge to help us back to God our Father. Jesus is the Christ. Knowing Him, following Him and fully accessing the enabling power of the Atonement and growing in Charity (The Pure love of Christ) is that path.

PERSONAL DISCLAIMER: I am a "mormon'-christian covert from 35 years as a Non-denominational Christian. Individual interpretations of the NDEs will vary. This video shows many images overlapped with very personal NDE testimonies. This does NOT suggest that the interpretation of the NDE was truly meant to correlate to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and its teachings (example "Higher Laws and Ordinances" in this video may not be LDS Temple ordinances -- although a picture in the video seems to interpret it as such). NDEs should never be considered doctrine nor replace scripture study and following the Spirit's promptings. There are many experiences that explain spiritual concepts not fully vetted or taught in the Church. However, NDEs have supplemented MY spiritual journey on a number of levels prior to and after my conversion. While there are tremendous consistencies between NDE and mormon doctrines, there are also a number of Mormons that have had wonderful NDEs and left the church that are still spiritual giants. There are also non-mormons that have "mormon"-like NDEs that are perfectly content staying in their non-Mormon faith who are also spiritual giants. NDEs will never "prove" God and His perfect doctrines --- for that is not the way that Belief, Faith and Knowledge work. Agency is a precious gift and will ALWAYS be preserved as an eternal principle on Earth and in the Spirit World. We all have a responsibility to seek truth for ourselves and follow the principles to receive that truth outlined clearly in scripture (My favorite being Alma 32 verses 17 and on).

Our Conversion Story:

Return from Tomorrow (George Ritchie)
They Saw Beyond Death (Arvin Gibson)
I Stand All Amazed (Elaine Durham)
Beyond the Darkness (Angie Finimore)
Through the Window of Life (Suzanne Freeman)
Taught by Christ (Ralph Jensen)
The Souls Remembrance (Roy Mills)
Led by the Hand of Christ (Suzzane Freeman)
My Descent into Death (Howard Storm)
There is no Death (Sarah Menet)
The Ripple Effect (Betty Eadie))
Life after Life (Raymond Moody)
Beyond Deaths Door (Maurice Rawlings)
Beyond the Veil (Lee Nelson)
I Saw Heaven (Lawrence Tooley)
Echoes from Eternity (Arvin Gibson)
The Burning Within (Ranelle Wallace)
Fast Lane to Heaven (Ned Daugherty)
Lessons from the Light (Ken Ring)
Heavenly Answers to Earthly Challenges (Joyce Brown)
Gaze into Heaven (Marlene batemany)

Multiple "Athiest NDE videos" and "Muslim NDE meets Christ" videos

NEAR DEATH SITES (Daily uploads)


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