The Cardston Temple Vision Of The Last Days (Revisited)

The Cardston Temple Vision 

President Heber J. Grant at Dedication.

During the winter of 1921, a lady by the name of Sola Cuardisto, a non-Mormon at the time, was given an invitation to visit the Cardston Temple. She resided in the town of Lethbridge, Canada, and the following is what she testifies took place while she was in the Temple as a tourist previous to its dedication.

. . .The Temple was kindly and intelligently explained to us by Mr. Duco on the one occasion, and by Mr. Wood on our second visit; but I am afraid I was a very indifferent and inattentive member of the party upon both occasions; for which I tender my sincere apologies. I had no intentions of being wrong, rude, or discourteous, but from the moment of entering the Temple to leaving, I was placed in a position of having, as it were, to listen to and grasp a dual narrative at the same time, with the result that so engrossed was I at times, that I am afraid I was so absentminded as to appear inattentive, if not positively stupid.

. . .Time and again as I listened to the speaker explaining some phase of the building or its meaning, I would be seeing beyond him some illustration of a kaleidoscopic nature, depicting what he was describing, only more completely and more vividly. The characters were so plain to me that I required all my self-control to keep silence from room to room. This continued and only ceased when we emerged into the frost and snow once more.

There was no set plan for presenting those pictures or expressions to me. It seemed as if when I thought of something mental, a picture instantly presented itself in explanation, or some word of the conductor, which would have the same effect. I was not afraid, only awed by the wonder of it all and the fearful impressive feeling I received, which seemed to imbed little detailed scenes into my brain, from which I feel it will never be erased. Every now and again I would seem to receive a command: "Observe, remember and record." And vivid as all of it was, these incidents herein related are the ones upon which I received the instructions.

The scenes which I observed of a historical character seemed chiefly to verify and amplify the speaker's outline of past history, and so I do not feel impressed to record such, except to state that the same patriarchal characters whom I observed directing and influencing the early movements of the Church, were the same down through every age and epoch, and as the scene advanced to more modern times, I saw among those spiritual counsellors, persons whose features I had previously observed as being in the material body on other historical occasions.

It seemed as if the temple were filled with the actual spiritual bodies of these previous leaders of the church, each seeming to have a definite work to do, automatically taking up in the spirit world the work that person was engaged in while in the flesh. In this temple I saw persons who were leaders in your church during the march across the American desert, now engaged in helping those higher patriarchs under whose orders they seemed to be working. It was these latter spiritual leaders, if I may use the term, who seemed instructed to show me the scenes here recorded.

I can give no time to the happenings, except that the impressions I received were of the actual present or immediate future. I saw first a brief but comprehensive sketch of the present state of the world, or as you would term it: The Gentile Kingdoms. Each country was shown,--its anarchy, hunger, ambitions, distrusts, and warlike activities, etc.; and in my mind was formed from some source the words: "AS IT IS TODAY WITH THE GENTILES."

I next saw international war again break out with its center upon the Pacific Ocean, but sweeping and encircling the whole globe. I saw that the opposing forces were roughly divided by so-called Christianity on the one side, and by the so-called followers of Mohammed and Buddha upon the other.

I saw that the great driving power within these so-called Christian nations was the Great Apostasy of Rome in all its political, social and religious aspects.

I saw the world-wide dislocation and devastation of production and slaughter of people occur more swiftly and upon a larger scale than ever before. I saw an antagonism begin to express itself from those so-called Christian nations against your people. I saw those of a similar faith to yours in the East begin to look toward Palestine for safety.

I saw the international world automatically break down, and national revolutions occur in every country to complete the work of chaos and desolation. I saw geological disturbances occur, which helped in this work as if they were intended to do so.

I saw the Cardston Temple preserved from all of this geological upheaval. I saw the international boundary line disappear as these two governments broke up and dissolved into chaos.

I saw race-rioting upon this continent on a vast scale. I saw hunger and starvation in the world granary of the American continent sweep off vast numbers of these conflicting elements. I saw disease produced by hunger, strife and chaos, complete the end of this present order or epoch.

How long these events were in reaching their consummation, I do not know; but my impression was that from the outbreak of the international war, these things developed in a continuous procession, and almost ran concurrently, as it is with a sickness--The various symptoms are all in evidence at one and the same time, but in different stages of development.

My intensified thought was, "What of the Church, if such is to become of the kingdoms of the earth?" This was immediately answered by a subconscious statement--"As it is in the Church today."

And I saw those higher spiritual beings throughout the length and breadth of the air, marshalling their spiritual forces and concentrating them upon the high officials in your Church on earth. I saw these spiritual forces working upon these officers, impressing and moving them, influencing and warning them. I saw these spiritual forces begin to unfold these things unto the minds of your Elders and other high officials, especially during their spiritual devotions, official duties, and other activities which exalt the minds of the individual groups. I saw the impressions take hold and inspire the more receptive and spiritual men, until it was all clearly revealed to them in the way the spiritual patriarchs desired.
Again, I seemed to hear the words: "AS IT WILL BE."

I saw high officials in council, and under inspired guidance, issue instructions to your people to reconsecrate their lives and energies to their faith, to voluntarily discipline themselves by abstaining from all those forms of indulgence which weaken the body, sap the mentality, and deaden the spirit, or waste their incomes.

I saw further on, instructions given whereby the places of refuge were prepared quietly but efficiently by inspired Elders. I saw Cardston and the surrounding foothills, especially west and north for miles, being prepared for a refuge for your people, quietly and quickly.

I saw artesian wells bored, and other wells dug all over that territory, so that when the open waters were polluted and poisoned, the people of the Church and their cattle would be provided for. I saw the fuel resources of the district developed in many places, and vast piles of coal and timbers stored in buildings for future use.

I saw Elders, still under divine guidance, counselling and encouraging the planting of every available acre of soil in this district, so that large supplies of food could be near the refuge. I saw Church property under cultivation of an intensified character, not for sale or profit, but for the use of the people. I saw the inspired officers giving instructions as to what would be the best crop to plant and cultivate, not for profit, but for storage to use in the time of chaos.

I saw the territory carefully surveyed and mapped out for the camping of a great body of people of the Church. I saw provisions also made for a big influx of people who at present do not belong to the Church, but who will gather here in their tribulation. I saw vast quantities of surgical appliances, medicines, disinfectants, etc., stored in the Temple basement. I saw inspiration given the Elders whereby the quality, quantity, and kind of things to be stored were judged, which might not be obtainable in this territory during the time of chaos.

I saw defensive preparations made and stored as suggested by the power of inspiration. I saw the mining corridors used as places of storage underground. I saw the hills surveyed and corrals built in sequestered places for cattle, sheep, etc., quietly but quickly. I saw plans for the organization of the single men and their duties; and the scouts, the guards, the nurses, the cooks, the messengers, the children, the herders, the Temple guards, etc.

I saw these things going on practically unknown to the Gentile world, except to the Great Apostasy whose knowledge and hatred is far reaching in this day of its temporary power. All this was going on, piece by piece, as the Elders were instructed, for the refuge of Zion.

I saw other officials obeying the inspired instructions, carrying their messages and exhorting your people to carry out, from time to time, the revelations given them. While all around throughout the Gentile world, the chaos developed in varying stages, faction against faction, nation against nation; but all in open or secret hostility to your people and their faith. I saw your people draw closer and closer together, as this became more tense and as the spiritual forces warned them through the mouth of your elders and your other officers. I saw the spiritual forces influencing those members who had drifted away, to re-enter the fold. I saw a greater tithing than ever before. I saw vast quantities of necessaries supplied by members whose spiritual eyes had been opened.

I saw a liquidation of properties and effects disposed of quietly but quickly, by members of the Church as the spiritual influences directed them. Then I saw the inspired call sent forth to all the Church, to gather in at the refuges of Zion. I saw the stream of your people quietly moving in the direction of their refuge. I saw your people moving more quickly and in large numbers until all the stragglers were housed.

Then the wireless message was flashed from Zion's refuge to Zion's refuge in their several places, that all was well in their world.--and then the darkness of chaos closed around the boundaries of your people, and the last days of tribulation had begun."
(Signed) Sola Cuardisto

(The 3½ Years, pp. 184-188;
Visions of the Latter Days, pp. 71-78 (slightly different version

Confirmation of Cardston Vision

A number of years after the Cardston Temple Vision in December, 1933, President Edward J. Wood, when he was asked concerning it, had this to say:

It was a Quaker lady who was a magazine writer from Eastern Canada. She had some relatives in Lethbridge about 60 miles from Cardston. She was very anxious to visit the Temple before it was dedicated, and she had her friends in Lethbridge bring her up to Cardston. Being so deeply impressed on her first visit, she had them bring her a second time.--This time I was acting as guide.

She would sit in each room and never said a word to any of the company, but seemed in deep meditation all the time. When she reached her own home several weeks after, she wrote this letter that has caused so much comment all over the Church.

We have never been able to understand how she seemed to know so much about our faith and our belief in our future life after death. I never learned her real name. It was about 1921 when she visited us. I have never heard from her since that time, but the letter is genuine and of her own impressions received while in the Temple on the two visits she mentions. (The 3½ Years, p. 189)



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