Central Banks Are Printing to Avert a Global Meltdown – (A Friendly Reminder By The Late Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley)

Lets See If You Can Put The Dots Together....

There is a PORTENT of Stormy weather ahead to which we had better give heed. 


"To the Boys and to the Men" - Economic Warning - Pres.Gordon B. Hinckley - October 1998 General Conference Of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saints.

Gordon B. Hinckley - To the boys and to the men, Priesthood session, 1998
Now, brethren, I should like to talk to the older men, hoping that there will be some lesson for the younger men as well. I wish to speak to you about temporal matters. As a backdrop for what I wish to say, I read to you a few verses from the 41st chapter of Genesis. [He then reads Genesis Chapter 41, specifically references 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine from the time of Joseph]


I am suggesting that the time has come to get our houses in order. So many of our people are living on the very edge of their incomes. In fact, some are living on borrowings. We have witnessed in recent weeks wide and fearsome swings in the markets of the world. The economy is a fragile thing. A stumble in the economy in Jakarta or Moscow can immediately affect the entire world. It can eventually reach down to each of us as individuals. There is a portent of stormy weather ahead to which we had better give heed. 

Interesting that he gives a PROPHETIC WARNING that something bad is on the horizon… exactly 10 years before the downturn in October 2008.

What's even more interesting about this talk is that he REITERATED this same message in 2001… AGAIN immediately after the Sept 11 terrorist attacks. 


Gordon B. Hinckley – The Times In Which We Live, October 2001
I do not know what the future holds. I do not wish to sound negative, but I wish to remind you of the warnings of scripture and the teachings of the prophets which we have had constantly before us. I cannot forget the great lesson of Pharaoh's dream of the fat and lean kine and of the full and withered stalks of corn. I cannot dismiss from my mind the grim warnings of the Lord as set forth in the 24th chapter of Matthew.


Any time a prophet repeats a warning, it's worth paying attention. Here we have a situation where he warns the brethren twice and specifically references Pharaoh's dream each time. What's even more interesting…. This SECOND REFERENCE took place October 2001… 7 years -EXACTLY- prior to the beginning of the economic downturn in October 2008. I do not believe this is a coincidence, since Pharaoh's dream specifically references seven years of plenty, and seven years of lean. Was the second reference meant to mark the beginning of 7 years of plenty, followed by a major economic event?

Also interesting is that in the example of Egypt, the 4th / 5th years of the "7 years of lean" were when the economy fell apart completely and the currency collapsed (money ceased to have value). 

If President Hinckley was trying to send us a message…. we're on the cusp of some VERY VERY tough times… and the only way to avoid those tough times is to be out of debt (according to his comments in 1998 ).


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