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Jack Monnett History of Secret Combinations - BYU Freedom Society

I Posted This Same Video In 2013,  But I Feel It Worth Re-posting With A Bit More Insight In Our Day In 2016.

“Make Thee an Ark” W. Don Ladd
According to the Book of Mormon, the devil “seeketh that all men might be miserable like unto himself” (2 Ne. 2:27). "We all need to build a personal ark, to fortify ourselves against this rising tide of evil, to protect ourselves and our families against the floodwaters of iniquity around us. And we shouldn’t wait until it starts raining, but prepare in advance."
The Secret Combinations Are Running Rampant.. As The Following Will Only Cement What The Prophets Anciently, And Modern Have So Warned- BILLIONAIRE GROSS: JUBILEE DEBT RELIEF AS PRELUDE TO NEW GLOBAL ECONOMIC ORDERMAY 28, 2016
"So it’s not really merciful at all. It’s manipulative.  And it will cause a crisis and loss of wealth NEVER before imagined. It will have to be done on an international scale. And those organizing these reductions will inevitably create …

WW3 - R U Ready

This Week in the World Affairs Brief: THE WAR AGAINST FREE THOUGHT We are in the midst of a full scale war on free thought and free choice of association. The demands of the LGBT activists and Obama to mandate full transgender access to the bathing/toilet/shower/changing room of their choice, despite the privacy violations to others is just the foot in the door. Cultural radicals in this country will settle for nothing less than letting gays and sexual deviants run roughshod over everyone else’s rights and muzzle all opposing voices under penalty of evil law. Donald Trump is no champion of Western, Christian culture or the principles of law, but because he is not completely controlled by the establishment, they are scared to death of his becoming president. Nothing is more telling than his list presented this week of potential Supreme Court nominees—all conservative and labeled as “anti-gay” and “anti-women’s (false) right to an abortion.” You can request a one-time free sample of th…

The Book Of Mormon Reveals the Truth About Today's Evil Secret Societies...

The Book of Mormon on Being Ripe in Iniquity by S. Kurt Neumiller Living in the last days, we are naturally interested in issues of an apocalyptic nature. Part of the final events associated with the Second Advent of the Lord is the destruction of the wicked. Being concerned about our own welfare, we naturally are curious exactly what it is that qualifies one for destruction. Fortunately for us, there are a number of scriptures in the Book of Mormon that address the issue with considerable clarity. 1 Nephi 17:35 Behold, the Lord esteemeth all flesh in one; he that is righteous is favored of God. But behold, this people had rejected every word of God, and they were ripe in iniquity; and the fulness of the wrath of God was upon them; and the Lord did curse the land against them, and bless it unto our fathers; yea, he did curse it against them unto their destruction, and he did bless it unto our fathers unto their obtaining power over it. Here, Nephi is referring to "…

The Vision of George Washington (Excellent Vision Of Our Future Here In America)

Published on Sep 17, 2015 See also:
The Vision of George Washington regarding the destiny of America. In the 1880's, a man brought forth the words of our first President and just like the prophets of both the Old and New Testaments.
Courtesy of David Lory Vanderbeek-

George Washington Future Invasion of America  George Washington had a vision of an end time invasion of the United States by Europe Asia and African nations under the color red for communism.
The entire United States will be destroyed and left with fragments of resistance until the time of Jesus return to earth and at that time the nations will fall back against the lord.

Son of the Republic, Look and Learn ~ A Vision of George Washington ~
"The Birth, the progress and the destiny of the United States"
"Son of the Republic, look and learn."

The father of our country, George Washington, was a man of prayer. Many of us have read of how he went to the thicket many times…

Mechelle McDermott Mesa Arizona Presentation (Ye Shall Not Fear)

Streamed live on May 16, 2016 Catch the final 2016 presentation of Shelle McDermott, author of The Great Gathering and The Great Awakening. Topics: What to look for from Current General Authority remarks, scriptures, political events, economic indicators, Jewish Signs, Scriptural Signs, The Anti-Christ, WWIII, and Armageddon to help us awaken to the events of the end-times.

Educating Zion: Joseph Smith's Restored Principles (Webinar, March 20th)

“Come Ye, Let us Walk in the Light of the Lord” 2 Ne. 12:5; Isa. 2:5
7-9 pm -Val Brinkerhoff / Mind & Heart Lecture Series Greetings. Four of the ten lecture series dates have been moved to a Thursday as reflected in the italicized dates farther below (the venue was double-booked on these dates necessitating this move). This includes this week's lecture which will be on Thursday May 19th instead of Wednesday the 18th, the topic being, The Lord's Calendar I: The Heavens & the 12 Holy Days and their Significance    

New content is continually added to all presentations. This year there will be a greater focus on spiritual preparation for our Lord's return with discussion of individual spiritual gifts, for example, and how we might obtain them.  may also be adding David Allan as a co-speaker with me on June 8 and 22nd.  Thank you!  Val Brinkerhoff Lecture Topics
    The Lord’s Calendar I: The Heavens & the 12 Holy Days and their Significance            May 19 (Thurs.)

SUPER SHEMITAH: Elite's Jubilee Year Plan to Crash World Economy by Octo...

Just Something To Think About..

Our Jewish friends still observe these feasts. They are Passover, Unleavened Bread, Firstfruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles. The first three feasts happen in the spring, in the month of Nisan. We all know the story of Passover and how the first Passover was the day the Lord delivered the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage. By putting the blood of a lamb above their doors, the first born of the Israelites were spared while the first born of the Egyptians died. The symbolism of the “blood of the lamb” and the “first born” pointed to a future date when Christ would offer himself as the ultimate sacrifice. Was it just coincidence that the Jews in Jerusalem were sacrificing their Passover lambs as Christ died on the cross on the 14th day of Nisan or Passover? That he was laid in the tomb on the 15th day of Nisan or Unleavened Bread, a sinless (unleavened) sacrifice for mankind and that on the 17th day of Nisan or Fristfruits, he …