Educating Zion: Joseph Smith's Restored Principles (Webinar, March 20th)

“Come Ye, Let us Walk in the Light of the Lord”
2 Ne. 12:5; Isa. 2:5
7-9 pm -Val Brinkerhoff / Mind & Heart Lecture Series
Greetings. Four of the ten lecture series dates have been moved to a Thursday as reflected in the italicized dates farther below (the venue was double-booked on these dates necessitating this move). This includes this week's lecture which will be on Thursday May 19th instead of Wednesday the 18th, the topic being, The Lord's Calendar I: The Heavens & the 12 Holy Days and their Significance    

New content is continually added to all presentations. This year there will be a greater focus on spiritual preparation for our Lord's return with discussion of individual spiritual gifts, for example, and how we might obtain them.  may also be adding David Allan as a co-speaker with me on June 8 and 22nd. 
Thank you!  Val Brinkerhoff  
Lecture Topics
    The Lord’s Calendar I: The Heavens & the 12 Holy Days and their Significance            May 19 (Thurs.)
 *Note: Room vacates right at 7pm this night because of previous presentation
    The Lord’s Calendar II: Last-days Heavenly Signs / Grand Sign of the Son of Man        May 25 (Wed.)      
    The Book of Mormon Remnant Awakens (Rising up of Native Americans)                     June 2 (Thurs.)
    Receiving the Spiritual Gifts / Revelation, Visions & More                                               June 8 (Wed.)
    Understanding the Atonement: Where, When, How & Why                                             June 15 (Wed.)
    The Importance of the Baptism of Fire, Gift of Tongues, Nazarite Vow, etc.                    June 22 (Wed.)
    Sacred Geometry I: Number, Shape, Color, etc., & the Classic Archetypes                    June 30 (Thurs.)
    Sacred Architecture II: Reading LDS Temples & other Sacred Buildings                         July 6 (Wed.)
    Two Special Last-days Servants in the Master’s Vineyard                                               July 14 (Thurs.)
    Other…TBA                                                                                                                      July 27 (Wed.)

Location:       Orem Utah Boy Scout Shop, 1340 West, 748 North (west of I-15 on the 800 north exit)
                           First bldg. on left after exiting onto 800 North going west / In bldg. go up and to right…
Time:             7-9 pm
Cost:             $5.00 / Larger venue requires a small fee
For questions, contact Val at

Don't forget to bring your scriptures...


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