Great Depression 2016 Explained (What Will Help Us In The Coming Days)

The Brethern (General Authorities Of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints)  are concerned about three things:

1. Keeping the Sabbath Day holy. We do a good job of nurturing our bodies. Our spirits also needs to be nurtured. Our spirits at times feel needy like when we feel depressed, stressed, fearful, alone, etc.

2. We need to weld a link between full time missionaries and church members in order to hasten the missionary effort.

3. We need to attend the temple to feel empowered to deal with the challenges of our day and time and to seal families together . 

In, Helaman 3:vs 33-36  (Book Of Mormon) 

Apply so much to what we are dealing with today. Vs 35 has the meat of this reference, speaking about the righteous:
"Nevertheless they did fast and pray oft, and did wax stronger and stronger in their humility and firmer and firmer in the faith of Christ, unto the filling their souls with joy and consolation, yea, even to the purifying and the sanctification of their hearts, which sanctification cometh because of their yielding their hearts unto god."


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