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Prophecy Fulfilled In Front Of Our Eyes (Helaman 6:18–21)

Chinese President Orders People’s Liberation Army to “Prepare For Combat”

Beijing vows to ignore ruling of international tribunal on South China Sea

Paul Joseph Watson - July 12, 2016

Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered the People’s Liberation Army to “prepare for combat” as a measure against possible hostile U.S. action in the South China Sea after an international tribunal ruled that Beijing had no exclusive control over the area.
“The Permanent Court of Arbitration said there was no evidence that China had historically exercised exclusive control over the waters or resources,” reports the BBC.
China responded by labeling the ruling “ill-founded” and refused to be bound by it. However, behind the scenes, Xi Jinping fears that the U.S. could seize on the ruling to justify aggressive military maneuvers in the area and has ordered PLA forces to prepare for war.

“Chinese president Xi Jinping has reportedly ordered the People’s Liberation Army to prepare for combat,” reports “U.S.-based Boxun News said Tuesday that the instruction was given in case the United States takes provocative action in the waters once the ruling is made.”

A U.S. aircraft carrier and fighter jets were already sent to the region in anticipation of the ruling, with the Chinese Navy also carrying out exercises near the disputed Paracel islands.

Last October, China said it was “not frightened” to fight a war with the U.S. following an incident where the guided-missile destroyer USS Lassen violated the 12-nautical mile zone China claims around Subi and Mischief reefs in the Spratly archipelago.

China’s Navy has repeatedly issued warnings to U.S. surveillance planes flying over the region.

Experts have warned that an accidental collision between aircraft, similar to a 2001 incident which led to an international controversy, could spark a deadly conflict. According to Michael Auslin, a war between the two superpowers is more likely than at any point in the last 20 years.

Last year, billionaire investor George Soros also cautioned that the ruling Communist Party may see fit to rally its population around an external threat in order to head off a societal collapse in
the aftermath of an economic implosion.
“There is a real danger that China will align itself with Russia politically and militarily, and then the threat of third world war becomes real,” said Soros.


Take A Look At The Cardston Temple Vision...(A Small Part Of The Vision)

The Cardston Temple Vision:

"I saw the other officials obeying the inspired instructions, carrying their message and exhorting the people to carry out, from time to time the revelation given them, whilst all around throughout the Gentile world the chaos developed in its varying stages, faction against faction, nation against nation, but all in open or secret hostility to your people and their faith. I saw your people draw closer and closer together, as this became more tense and as the spiritual forces warned them through the mouth of your elders and your other officers. I saw the spiritual forces influencing those members who had drifted away, to re-enter the fold. I saw a greater tithing than ever before. I saw vast quantities of necessaries supplied by members whose spiritual eyes had been opened. I saw a liquidation of properties and effects disposed of quietly but quickly by members of the church, as the spiritual influences directed them.

I saw the inspired call sent forth to all the church, to gather to the refuges of Zion. I saw the stream of your people quietly moving in the direction of their refuge. I saw your people moving more quickly and in larger numbers until all the stragglers were housed. I saw the wireless message flashed from Zion's refuge to Zion's refuge in their several places that all was well with them, and then the darkness of chaos closed around the boundaries of your people, and the last days of tribulation had begun."

Sols Caurdisto

Insight Contribution From A Member Of The "Another Voice Of Warning Site"

(Analysis of the 2 collapses:)

Collapse #1

"The 1st collapse causes chaos and confusion. But there is some, albeit diminished, ability to prepare. It is a wake-up call. It is pre-callout. It's so bad that it puts the members of the church on high alert. The wise virgins will use this time to finish up their preps. The economy is stung deeper than it has ever been stung.
The writing is on the wall that things won't hold much longer, so both general and local church leaders start forming exit strategy plans.
There is some small amount of economy left, because members are still able to tithe and put away property. 
This is likely a bond crisis and dollar collapse, leaving the dollar with only a fraction of it's current value. This would definitely lead to the war, Sols Caurdisto described."

Collapse #2

"The 2nd collapse is what is described in Revelations 18:17. This vision describes it as beginning the "final days of tribulation" . It is a total collapse. Banks fail, and there are no merchants any more at all.
The wise virgins have been separated from the foolish as we read in D&C 63:54."



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