Refuge from the Storm

Published on Apr 3, 2016
Elder Patrick Kearon - This moment does not define the refugees, but our response will help define us.

"Though the Storm will Rage, We Have Hope" by Rachel Baxter

I read this on and I appreciated the author's (Rachel Baxter) message because it shows, once again, that the Lord loves all his children and that he is warning those who seek Him. Her vision parallels those who have shared theirs' on this site. I also appreciated that she emphasizes that the only true source of peace and hope is Christ. She shares a beautiful testimony of the Savior.

"Though the Storm will Rage, We Have Hope" by Rachel Baxter

The Lord just took me through this over the last two hours as a storm popped up over my city and blew through. So many of us have been watching the storm clouds approaching for quite a long time, even years. There is an understanding in our spirit that the time of waiting is nearly over for the dark clouds are now overhead and ready to be emptied.
The sky is so dark and what was once stillness has now turned to wind. The branches of the trees have begun to move under the power of the wind. The singing of the birds has now been silenced as even they take shelter. We’ve had that feeling of unease from deep inside of us growing and growing. Holy Spirit has even spoken to so many the words “shaking, shaking, shaking”. He promises that everything that can be shaken will be shaken.

The sky is nearly ready to open up over America my Friends. We’ve felt a few rain drops hit the ground, and even on our face. It feels cold to the touch, but has been “tolerable” as harsh as that sounds. Other nations have faced earthquakes, famines, plagues, floods, wars, and Christian persecution, but these things have yet to impact us in the same way. The time is nearly here for that to change.

Once, the sky was blue and the sun was shining on America, but that time is over. Our great grandparents, if they were alive today, would have a hard time recognizing this nation. Sure, the old landmarks are still here, but the feel and expression of the joy in the freedom we once experienced is past because of sin has run rampant.
The rain is going to begin to pour down harder and harder as the cup of God’s wrath for America begins to pour out. Make no mistake, the cup has been filling for decades, and we’ve now reached the point that the cup can no longer contain it anymore.

The Lord has shown us, those who have been paying attention and seeking Him, the damage the storm is going to do. It is all to His glory that He has woken us up to understand the seriousness of the hour, to warn us about all that is coming. I believe it will come in waves, one after another, as scripture says it will be like birth pains growing in severity and frequency as the time of Jesus’ return approaches.What can we expect in America over the months and years ahead? The following list includes ten things the Lord has shown me and which others have confirmed, in no particular order. Some of these have already begun to occur and will only escalate.

1. Economic Disaster – This storm will impact the stock markets and currencies so that the dollar is dissolved and money as we know it fails.
2. Drought and Famine – Food shortages will lead to starvation and cannibalism.
3. Marshall Law – Our constitutional rights will be relinquished. UN troops will be welcomed and given authority over Americans.
4. Persecution – Bible-believing Christians will face extreme persecution culminating in FEMA detention camps and guillotines.
5. World War 3 – Nearly all nations will be drawn into war. Russian and Chinese troops will attack America and occupy our land, even launching nuclear weapons.
6. Earthquakes – Our country will be split in two pieces and separated by a body of water.
7. Floods – Our coastlines will be forever changed by tsunamis and raging waters.
8. Plagues – Pestilences will cause suffering and death for many people.
9. Wild Fires – Fires will rage across our land and the Yellowstone caldera will erupt.
10. New World Order – Nations will centralize under a new world government. The United States of America will cease to exist as we know it today. Our sovereignty under God will be dissolved.

I had a dream on April 20th, 2016 where I saw ten tornadoes come down out of storm clouds in quick succession. I believe each tornado represented one of the ten redemptive judgments listed above. I know that it has been hard to wait day after day for the calamities that He has promised, not because we wish any should perish, but because we are so longing for the day when Satan is banished and Jesus takes His rightful place as King and Groom.
The warning is this: soon we are going to long for these “extra” days that God has so graciously given us. The storm is going to pick up speed and power so that it rages all around us, even in our own families and homes. Soon enough we will be IN THE EYE OF THE STORM with no where to go but into His arms.

The sun (Son) is now completely hidden from our view, yet we know it (He) is still there above it all. I believe His hand of protection has been lifted from our borders and the evidence of this is all around. Yet, He is still God, unchanging. He still loves His children, and Jesus WILL have every child that has been promised to Him from the foundations of time.
I cried out to God asking Him to give me hope. He sent me to Jeremiah 50 and 51! Read it for yourself only replace Babylon with America as you read.
Sweet Jesus, where is the hope? The answer He gave is this:

“I am here. I have never left My children or forsaken them. I gave My life that you should have life abundantly and I would do it all again. Children of the One True God, listen to all that I have to say. Turn your hearts to Me in this hour and I will be your comfort. Though the storm rages around you, I will give you peace.

Fast and pray. Seek My Father that you should be counted worthy to escape the worst of the storm. Pray for your children, your spouses, your parents. My Father hears every prayer and counts them as glorious inscense before His throne. Fear not for I am with you. Listen for the word that I send forth. I have a word for each of you, a revelation to share about your destiny. The hour is late but it is not too late to step into all that I have for you in Me. I need My army to gather behind Me, prepared and ready for battle. Though the outcome of the battle is known, the battle must occur. I have a place in My army for each of you should you choose to surrender to My will for your life. Do it now, today. Lay down the kingdom you’ve built for yourself and take up My cross.

Go to your knees now. Repent of every sin. Choose to forgive every wrong and hurt accomplished against you. Then listen for the orders I will give. Allow Me to send you out. Do not question the orders I give to you day by day. Accept each order and I will give you the resources to accomplish the task at hand. I will even cause time to work for you. There is nothing you cannot accomplish in Me, but apart from Me you are doomed.

I am the hope of this world. Seek My face and you will find it. Even now, close your eyes and gaze upon My beauty with the eyes of your heart. See – I am there. See the gift I give to you for you to accomplish your purposes in Me. Each gift is unique and perfectly suited to the recipient. Ask Me what you are to do with it and then go. Do not delay. Go and see what we will accomplish together in these last days. Just as My disciples were instructed, go and share My testimony. If you are received, stay and bless them. If you are not received, shake the dust off your shoes and depart.
Though the storm rages around you, as you rest in Me, I will take you from glory to glory so that you may see into the heavenlies. See what My Father is doing and do what He does. It is all I ever did. That is all He ever desired of His people made in His image.

The purpose of the storm is to break down every stronghold made by man to make room for My Kingdom, which shall come. Even now, I am doing a work to establish the foundations of My Kingdom, hidden from every power of darkness. I call to My children, predestined before time, to come into their destiny in My Kingdom. Come!”

There is HOPE. His name is Jesus. He is our only hope but He is enough. I have seen with my own eyes people miraculously healed by the power of His name. I have seen hearts healed completely and demons cast out by the power of His name. I believe I will see the dead raised by the power of His name. Though the storm will rage, we have hope and His name is Jesus.


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