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LDS Church News

Elder Neil. L. Andersen throws out first pitch at Dodger Stadium

Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles threw out the ceremonial first pitch at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California, on July 1.
More than 2,500 Church members and their friends gathered at Dodger Stadium for a continuation of the largest and longest-running community event sponsored by the Los Angeles Dodgers.
Elder Andersen threw the first pitch from the top of the mound — something many people don't try. Furthermore, his pitch was a strike right over the plate. Elder Andersen's pitch was caught by Elder Rueben Acosta, an Area Seventy.
Elder Andersen joins a number of other senior Church officials who have been invited by the Dodgers to throw out the first pitch including President Dieter F. Uchtdorf, Elder L. Tom Perry, Elder M. Russell Ballard, Elder Robert D. Hales, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, Elder Quentin L. Cook, Elder David A. Bednar, Elder Ronald A. Rasband, Elder Steven E. Snow and Elder Paul H.Dunn. Last year, Sister Linda K. Burton, General Relief Society President, was invited by the Dodgers to join Nancy Reagan and other prominent women who have had the opportunity to throw out the first pitch.
Sister Tiffany Houghton, a member of the Church from Dallas, Texas, was invited by the Dodgers to sing the national anthem.
The Dodgers also invited a number of primary age children onto the field to meet with the players. Each child was given some Dodger clothing and an autographed baseball.
Several adult members of the Church were also invited onto the field and were introduced to the public along with Elder and Sister Andersen and Elder Acosta.
The Dodgers expressed their appreciation for the long standing relationship with the Church and for the wonderful tradition.
Elder Andersen expressed his appreciation to be in attendance and join the members as they began their July 4 weekend celebration.
The final touch to the evening was a fireworks show.


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