Published on Nov 4, 2016
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Insite on what is currently going on from an ex-FBI agent

(Information Shared Via Another Voice Of Warning Website)

"With all the news that is coming out and chatting with you a little has really got me thinking. I was up most of the night reflecting about this one issue, and it dawned on me why the government was trying to do the following: These events occurred just before and after, Obama was elected president. None of this information is sensitive only my opinion so you can share however you think is appropriate.

After 9/11 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was formed to keep the home land secure. Several agencies were placed under the umbrella of DHS, to include Customs, Secret Service, Coast Guard, Immigration, and several others. As time went on, a lot of blame was placed on the FBI and other intelligent services that information was not shared and the dots were not connected that they (government insiders) claim should of prevented the world trade center disaster. When Obama was elected, there was a huge push to consolidate all the intelligent agencies under another big umbrella, such as CIA, FBI, DIA and etc. The FBI was going to be disassembled, and a large portion was going to go to the intelligence branch, and what was left over would still be the FBI, but it would have become the FBI light. Meaning we would investigate an occasional bank robbery or kidnapping. I recall that I was maneuvering myself to stay in the FBI and not get myself split off into the other community.

Remember when I stated I didn’t like former Director Robert Muller. It was a personal issue not policy issues. At the time I had a friend who was senior FBI management, and I was expressing my issues with Muller. This person related to me, that Muller was fighting for everything he was worth to keep the FBI together and not to have it split. He lobbied with congress (Republican) and won. Because of his efforts the FBI remained an independent agency.

In the FBI many or most FBI agents are patriots. However there are those who are not. The culture of the FBI has changed (not for the good) since I left, which I will explain another time. Most field agents are rock solid. Senior management and above is a different story. Many individuals that come into the FBI cannot handle the streets for a variety of reasons, but mostly because they are inept. So their only way to get off the streets is to go into management. Senior management is a mix of both patriots (rock solid) and inept idiots that have high intelligence but are complete empty suits that will and have sold their souls to advance their hierarchy path, Peter Principle on steroids. Some of these individuals where fighting for the FBI to be split off, so they could part of a larger intelligence organization. (There was internal conflict).

Whatever your or others opinion about the FBI, the FBI still has components of an independent agency. I do get there is a lot of controversy regarding past FBI actions I.e. Ruby Ridge and Waco. (Another time I will tell you a lot about those two incidents that I didn’t agree with, but another story). This includes other incidences that took place since I left (This is part to cultural shift that I mentioned). Also, starting about 2006 there was another huge shift that took place. Prior to this time, all cases worked on the street level, then presented to an AUSA, then go to grand jury, trial and that was that. After 2006 a huge shift took place. The Department of Justice (DOJ) through new polices, the FBI hands were tied. Especially in terrorism cases, corruption and civil right cases were directed from the top down. The agents could not take a “dump” without getting permission from DOJ. All interviews had to be approved by DOJ before they could be conducted. In other words, DOJ were involved in all aspects of investigations. Saying that, there are still limited inquiries, with time constraints, that can be conducted without DOJ involvement. I do believe all the above, was part of the compromise between Director Muller and the powers to be to keep the FBI intact and not split. 

The “power to be” knows full well that the FBI and many of the other organizations are full of patriots. This is the ideological rub between the “powers” that want change. If you can fracture an organization, or put components under one umbrella, then you can have more control over that organization. 

In the intelligence world, the folks over there, don’t investigate, they collect Intel and disseminate the information to other organizations such as the military or for their internal use such as the DIA or CIA. In other words, they don’t investigate cases to bring to trial. Instead they use the information for their covert operations. Don’t get me wrong, there are patriots in those organizations also. That is where the wiki leak information is coming from. My opinion only, but I believe it is coming from NSA, or a contractor of the NSA. The FBI on the other hand, both investigates and collects Intel. This is why as an independent agency; it is very dangerous for the “powers to be”. This is why Obama, Clinton, and possibly the Bushes wanted and will want in the future to water down the FBI and split the Intel portion into another organization. This is why the FBI is so dangerous to the Clintons. I am not predicting the outcome of this election, but if Clinton gets voted in, she will do everything in her power to dismantle the FBI. There is not another organization that can do what the FBI can do, so it is a huge threat to her and the “powers to be”. There has been and will continue to be a huge rift between the FBI and DOJ. 

What Bill Clinton did back in the 90’s was to stack the DOJ with career attorneys. Fast forward today, these attorneys are senior managers in DOJ and have huge influence. Bush also, placed attorneys in the DOJ, so today there is a split with in DOJ. I also, know firsthand, there are patriots in some of the districts across the US. Of course in other districts, there is influence for the “powers to be”. >>
Another mandate that came from DOJ was to internally split the FBI into “mini” agencies. This was in my opinion a way to control the FBI. If you are in one unit, they tried to keep that unit independent from another unit. Terrorism agents were not allowed to talk to drug agents. The good thing is Agents are Agents and they do talk with one another."


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