Vision: The Coming Destruction of America- (With Added Insight;Beware of the Gadiantons(Elites))

Published on Nov 23, 2016 I prayed. Then went to bed. I was still awake, when suddenly I heard a trumpet sound. A voice cried out to me, "Stand!"....One of the armed men came to me. "I woke you to show you what is to come," he said. ~Dumitru Duduman ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Source- Member Of LDS Another Voice Of Warning Site) Beware of the Gadiantons: Quote: Ye shall see that this Gadianton did prove the overthrow, yea, almost the entire destruction of the people... Yet the Sith have a long-term plan too: Quote: "Patience. For now, distasteful as it may be, we must let intermediaries like [Gadianton] be our hands. Our time will come, but it is not yet." ―Darth Sidious conversing with Darth Maul  (I would HOPE you don’t need to be told this is from Star Wars!) America! Quote: O beautiful for spacious skies,  For amber waves of grain,  For purple mountain majesties  Above the fruited plain!  America! America!  God shed his grace on thee  And crown thy good with brotherhood  From sea to shining sea! America! The richest and most powerful country in the world, the land of freedom and opportunity. A land loaded with natural resources, and unfortunately also the ultimate target for evil those thirsting for power and wealth.  Fortunately for those living in the United States of America, the country was not only rich and politically powerful but also happened to be home of the world’s strongest military and millions of armed citizens, which presents quite a deterrent preventing power-hungry tyrants from launching a takeover bid.  Also, the world had learned that a wounded America was more dangerous than an unprovoked America. Any attempt to critically wound the country will only make America angry. Don’t wake the tiger, as Japan learned after Pearl Harbor. America will not back down...ever...while there is still breath in her lungs.  However much internal strife the American people might be experiencing, however divided Americans may appear to be, nothing unifies the country like an attack on their soil. What was a severely divided country on September 10th, 2001, came together as one (albeit only shortly) on September 11, 2001. The country was for a short while unified in purpose to defeat the attacking enemy. (yes, I know...but please this is not the time to go into the 9-11 conspiracy.) all out attack on America would be doomed to fail. The modern day Gadiantons knew this. Those power-hungry Gadiantons avoided an easily visible frontal attack, instead plotted to gain power through deceit and trickery and corruption and murder. They followed the plan that had worked so well in the destruction of other societies, working in secret combinations in the dark until all threats were removed. The Gadiantons are smart and stealthy, but as we shall see...are also incredibly naive. They do not realize they are but pawns of the adversary. They are pawns who are quickly cast aside when his evil generals arrive. But let’s proceed with the story... The Gadiantons, in order to get power and to get gain, had to do something about the world’s strongest military, the world’s healthiest economy, and the world’s most free and productive society. All of those were obstacles and roadblocks to a hostile takeover of America.  The evil plan was brilliantly conceived. The Gadiantons, already secretly entrenched in the ruling class of the country, were able to instill fear and panic into the American citizens. Fear of foreign attacks, fear of hidden terrorists, fear of the unknown. Once Americans were sufficiently fearful for their safety and prosperity (a new sensation for the current living-in-a-bubble generation), they willingly handed over many of their freedoms and rights to the government. The government would protect them if it was given more power, right?  The Gadiantons, following the master plan used from before the world was, were also able to convince nearly ⅓ of the country (recognize that number?) to give up their independence and agency, to trust the government to support and take care of them. Millions of Americans voluntarily gave up their freedom in exchange for free food and benefits from the government. Now they are led captive by the Gadianton’s will. While these plans were underway internally, the Gadiantons sent the military out fighting foreign wars. There are terrorists in those foreign countries who might do harm to America!, or so we were told. We were told there were too many wars in too many countries, so the National Guard, the soldiers whose original mission was to remain on US soil to guard against enemy invasions, were involuntarily reassigned into the regular military and sent overseas. This left American soil largely unprotected. In addition to spending trillions of dollars on foreign wars against vague threats and little known rulers, the Gadiantons were also able to successfully manipulate currency and implode the financial system. Increased speculation and risky investments were encouraged, often with interest-free loans from the central bank. Hundreds of billions of dollars were gifted from the government to Gadianton institutions because the institutions were “too big to fail” without hurting the American economy, or so we were told. Before long the American money printing presses were printing billions of new currency around the clock, none of it backed by gold or anything tangible. The national debt grew to $20 trillion, TWENTY TRILLION DOLLARS, but we were told not to worry because America could never go bankrupt. Those who lent us the money would understand if we couldn’t repay for a while, we were told.  Other Gadianton plans to undermine America were also rolled out. Americans could feel something wasn’t right, that life was growing increasingly more difficult, but the Gadiantons in charge continued their message that the government was helping, protecting and supporting them. Most Americans agreed, because we need the government to tell us what to do, right? Isn’t that how it is supposed to be? It’s more fair this way, more equal, with the government running EVERYTHING. The Gadiantons has made great progress in secretly undermining the most free, the most prosperous, the most powerful country the world has ever known. But there were still too many independent thinkers living independent lives who did not need government (yet). Those conservative, faith-based groups were a great threat to the Gadiantons secret plans. In fact, now that the Gadianton takeover was nearly complete, those conservatives were begininng to recognize what was happening and were rise up in protest. The conservatives were even able to elect an outsider to be the next American president!  The new president-elect wasn’t a righteous man, but he wasn’t a Gadianton either. The rebellion led by those still loyal to the flag, those who still believed in the original constitution, was a threat to the years of scheming and framework the Gadiantons had invested to take over America. Gadiantons called on all those involved in their secret network to distort truth, to call evil good and good evil. Independent thinkers were branded as “extremists”, a danger to all fair-minded, Gadianton-owned people. It was time then. Time for the final steps that now had to be taken for the Gadiantons to seize complete control, to step out of the shadows and grab the eagle by its throat...  The Gadiantons are working on weakening and dividing America. They were surprised that, despite many months of heavy propaganda on the dangers of an outsider president and despite their manipulation of the election, the common people were still able to elect the outsider candidate. This surprising election result greatly upset the Gadianton plans, but certainly did not stop them.  The end result is that the Gadiantons accelerated their takeover/takedown of America. No longer was there time for the slowly draining the freedom from the American people one covert act at a time. Now it was time for drastic measures.  Fortunately for the Gadiantons, the endless media campaigns and purposely divisive commentary from the White House had successfully divided America. The Gadianton-owned Americans were easily led to belief the outsider’s presidency would threaten their free benefits and effortless existence, that the outsider was a threat to their rights and even to their very lives. As a result, the Gadianton brainwashed pawns protested the election results in increasingly violent and vitriolic fashion. Urged on with prompting full of fear and deceit from top-level Gadiantons, the brainwashed pawns soon made it clear they would not accept the newly elected president, that they would NEVER allow him to govern them.  The protests became increasingly violent. Peaceful supporters of the president-elect were beaten and disparaged, yet the media twisted the facts around, reporting it as though the president-elect and his extremist followers were causing the mayhem and attacking the Gadianton groups. Things really came to a head, however, when a carefully orchestrated catastrophic event took place before the inauguration of the new president. This event made 9-11 look like a training exercise.  Despite claims (lies) of a healthy, vibrant economy by Gadianton leaders, the economy was actually already on life support before the catastrophe occurred. It quickly collapsed after the catastrophe, and never recovered again until after The Cleansing.  Tensions among the various factions were already high, so the economic collapse combined with the false Gadianton narratives of who was responsible was more than enough spark to light the fires of civil war.  The Gadianton planned had worked to perfection. With the country descending into chaos, few were able to object when martial law was declared. And thanks in part to several well-staged false flag events, where Gadianton shooters killed protesters, private gun use and ownership was outlawed as part of the martial law declaration.  It should be mentioned that it was in Chicago that the first and the worst of the false flag events occurred. That city, which already was the murder capital of America prior to the election, was under control of one of the chief members of the Gadiantons. He helped propagate the belief to his people that they were mistreated, were being repressed, and would even be abused under the rule of the president-elect. As a result, there were a number of angry protests (mobs) against the president-elect and also against capitalism in general. When the shooting occurred at one of the televised protests, rioting quickly escalated into nonstop violence in that city. The president-elect quit after protests and flurries of of controversy. He refused to take office. He had been blamed for starting the civil war, for the catastrophe, and for the resulting anarchy. As a result, the bulk of the population had loudly, brashly and violently proclaimed they would never support his presidency. In his farewell speech he essentially told the people to be careful what you wish for because now you have to sleep in that bed you made. The Gadiantons celebrated because they were able to prevent him from taking office without having him assassinated, which would not have gone unnoticed. Their smear campaign had worked just as effectively, finally, in the end. The withdrawal of the president-elect was a severe blow to freedom-lovers because he had actually been assembling a governing team capable of making changes for the better. The economic collapse worsened. The money that had been prized so highly by lovers of worldly possessions became increasingly worthless. People wanted to withdraw their savings, to have cash on hand. However, this caused a run on the banks, so the banks closed their doors. ATMs were disabled. When they eventually reopened, to keep the banks solvent, the Gadiantons declared Americans could only withdraw fixed amounts, pennies on the dollar in exchange for what they had saved. The people's money was gone...for good. By this time the rioting no longer had to be staged. It was very real between the various factions. The Gadiantons, whose wicked plan included not only control of America, but control of the world under a centralized government, called in the United Nations to help restore order...their brand of order under their brand of control. O the cunning plan of the evil one! O how blind and deceived are his followers here on earth! His wicked followers on earth are so convinced that they will obtain great power and wealth and happiness by following his plan. Yet, in reality all the adversary wants is to destroy the agency of man, to lead them captive at his will, to make all men as miserable as himself!!!  We shall see that in the end, the Gadiantons fall into their own trap. Their plan fails because they willingly let the Sith in at the front door...and end up destroying themselves along with the rest of America because of this. All the while the devil laughs…. The Gadianton invitation for the United Nations to send a police force to America is where the Sith enter our story. Quote: For it cometh to pass that whoso buildeth [secret combinations] up seeketh to overthrow the freedom of all lands, nations, and countries; and it bringeth to pass the destruction of all people, for it is built up by the devil, who is the father of all lies; even that same liar who beguiled our first parents, yea, even that same liar who hath caused man to commit murder from the beginning; who hath hardened the hearts of men that they have murdered the prophets, and stoned them, and cast them out from the beginning. Ether 8:25 The modern Gadiantons had worked their cunning plan in secret for many years. In order to gain control of the nation, they first had to cripple it, destroy its defenses from the inside. In part 2 the Commander and Chief had imposed martial law to help deal with the rioting, which was manufactured at first but then turned into real violence. When he imposed martial law, Americans lost ALL our rights because the constitution was suspended and the country placed under military control.  Under martial law, Americans become fully naked and vulnerable to whomever is in charge (the Commander and Chief, President Obama). Martial law means: U.S. Constitution would be suspended Suspension of habeas corpus Suspension of civil rights Suspension of civil law No freedom of the press No freedom of assembly No freedom of speech Curfews enforced on the people Troops in the streets for enforcement Checkpoints would be set up for control Ability to hold a person without charge Potential arrest of anyone who is a ‘suspect’ Imprisonment without representation or due process Potential house to house confiscation of firearms, ammunition, food supplies The Gadiantons, through their secret oaths and covenants, and their murders and plundering and stealing and all manner of wickedness, had cleverly plotted to take down the laws of this country so they could have full power, uncontested. Despite the troops and homeland security officials they had in their control, they still lacked the manpower to enforce full-scale martial law. This, combined with their desire for one world government, resulted in a call to the United Nations.  Although several nations send their troops, I’m going to focus on the Russians since they are the only ones I dreamed about. The Russians were very willing to send thousands of troops, which were all needed to man the checkpoints at every freeway entrance/exit and at major crossroads. Guns were confiscated and many men imprisoned. The Gadiantons, in their godlessness, could not see they let the enemy -- The Sith --in at the front door. In the Star Wars movies the Sith are the ruthless, inhumane enemies from “the dark side”. They possess real, frightening power unlike anything seen before by all but the Jedi. The Sith’s world was in ruins, so they were looking for new territory and new people to conquer. The Russians are like the Sith, are patient, stealthy, and openly, obscenely violent. And now they have arrived in force, armed and dangerous, by invitation.  The Gadiantons, because their evil works long ago extinguished the flickering light of Christ within, could not see the warning signs of the double crossing, patiently plotting Sith (Russians). The Gadiantons thought they had an agreement where the Russians would help them obtain complete control of the country and share some of the bounty, but they would soon learn, as their lives were ended, that evil power is not shared...and does not last.  I don’t know exactly how it will play out, but I expect the Gadiantons will welcome the Russian troops with open arms, having a treacherous secret agreement already in place with the Russian government. However, the Russians do not value the partnership. Instead, they see a weak and vulnerable country open for the taking, so they betray the Gadiantons. The Russians cause the electricity to go out, probably through an EMP attack. They launch nuclear missiles at major cities and seats of government, permanently destroying Gadianton rule in just one day. Then they launch their full-scale invasion upon American soil, with many boots already on the ground, fully intending to take complete control of the country.  In the end, just before they die, the Gadiantons will learn that, like the Sith, the Russians did not care about legalizing marijuana, coffee lattes, political correctness, fairness, equality, global warming, LGBT agenda, animal non-human rights, diversity, black lives matter, or even a new world order. The Russians only wanted what every tyrant seeks: power and wealth, and they saw it in the Gadianton rule of a weakened and vulnerable country. While the Gadiantons were celebrating their global teamwork in the takedown of America, the Russians saw only an they took it. The deceivers were deceived. The cunning, scheming Gadiantons were outfoxed and outschemed. And dead. Oh the cunning plan of the evil one! The Great Deceiver has great hold upon their hearts; he stirreth them up to iniquity against that which is good; And their hearts are corrupt, and full of wickedness and abominations; and they love darkness rather than light. Satan stirreth them up, that he may lead their souls to destruction. Amidst all this destruction lies a great irony. The Gadiantons deceived and manipulated millions of Americans to follow them, carefully leading them down to temporal and spiritual destruction. The Russians will deceive and manipulate the Gadiantons, which will result in the Gadianton’s destruction. Satan became the devil by seeking glory, power, and dominion. He deceived and manipulated billions of God’s children to follow him in pre-earth life, and continues to do the same here on earth. He does carefully leads them down to hell, from which there is no deliverance.  The irony is that on all levels of wickedness: the Gadiantons, the Russian invaders, and especially with the father of all lies...they all think themselves cleverly destroying God’s plan, deceiving and blinding men, leading them captive at their will. Yet, in truth they are all performing a necessary negative function to fulfill the purpose of this world: For it must needs be, that there is an opposition in all things.  How could the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve be tested in all things if it were not for great adversity? How could we use this time on earth to prepare to meet God if not fully separated from his presence for a period of testing? The greater the adversity, the greater the spiritual growth. The Great Irony is that Satan and his followers, by forcing us to taste the bitter fruits of life, are actually helping us to grow and to learn to prize the good. They are helping us to learn to live by faith in God. The evil works they perform, their conspiring against the righteous, end up working together for our good and our eternal glory. Thus, Satan and his followers, in their attempts to use and manipulate and deceive others, end up being used and manipulated themselves, but for good, as they fulfill a very important part of God’s eternal plan. Their evil works end up inadvertently saving many souls in the kingdom of God. O the greatness and wisdom of God!!!


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