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Socialized Healthcare, Evil, Freedom Destroying, by Ezra Taft Benson

Is Socialism Wrong? And What is Socialism?  (LatterDayConservative.Com)  Occasionally I get emails from people asking for statements from the prophets on socialism. These requests typically come as a result of discussions with other Latter-day Saints who don’t understand why socialism is evil, or even understand what socialism is. Some of the latest questions have stemmed from discussions with those who don’t understand why government controlled health care is socialistic. One of the purposes of my website ( ) is to show that it’s not just my opinion that socialism is wrong, but that the latter-day prophets since Joseph Smith have also taught that socialism is wrong, and more than that, they’ve also defined it. I have compiled the following quotes in attempt to answer the question “Is socialism wrong? And what exactly is socialism?” These are not my words, only the words of the prophets. Also keep in mind that these are only some of the statements regard…