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The Cardston Temple Vision Of The Last Days (Revisited)

The Cardston Temple Vision 

President Heber J. Grant at Dedication.

During the winter of 1921, a lady by the name of Sola Cuardisto, a non-Mormon at the time, was given an invitation to visit the Cardston Temple. She resided in the town of Lethbridge, Canada, and the following is what she testifies took place while she was in the Temple as a tourist previous to its dedication.

. . .The Temple was kindly and intelligently explained to us by Mr. Duco on the one occasion, and by Mr. Wood on our second visit; but I am afraid I was a very indifferent and inattentive member of the party upon both occasions; for which I tender my sincere apologies. I had no intentions of being wrong, rude, or discourteous, but from the moment of entering the Temple to leaving, I was placed in a position of having, as it were, to listen to and grasp a dual narrative at the same time, with the result that so engrossed was I at times, that I am afraid I was so absentminded as to appear inattentive, if not positive…