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What Do Nephi And Isaiah Say About The End Times?

Apocryphal Writings and the Latter-day Saints

By C. Wilfred Griggs, editor

Invited participants gathered at Brigham Young University on October 11 - 12, 1983, to share prepared papers on various aspects of the general topic, "Apocryphal Literature and the Latter-day Saints." Through the combined efforts of these participants and the editor, we are now able to share those papers with the much larger audience of interested persons who were not able to attend the symposium.

Joseph F. McConkie

Premortal Existence, Foreordinations, and Heavenly Councils
Among the richly colored threads woven into the fabric of apocryphal literature are many references to the premortal existence of the soul. In these sources a distinction is made between the righteous and the unrighteous souls. The righteous are those destined to become the seed of Abraham, while the unrighteous and unbelieving are foreknown as those of the gentile nations.In addition to these national foreordinations, prophets were de…