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The Black Awakening - End Times [ The Arrival Of The Satanic Super Soldi...

This May Be The Most Aggressive Video On The Serious Times We Live In-

Attached Is A Great Breakdown Of Our World, With An Amazing Scriptural Accounting From My Dear Friend And Brother- John 'Uluakiola

The Following Is John's Great Work And Research:

BYUtv's 'Granite Flats' program, which has been on the Netflix lineup (from time to time), you may have heard about the very real government programs 'Project Paper Clip' and 'MK-Ultra' – spoken of during multiple (broadcast) episodes.
So what are they?
And what effect, if any, have those (declassified) U.S. government projects had on the general public?
Before we answer that, let's turn to the holy scriptures and see if we can find any other questions – related to these questions...
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What is the actual meaning of this scripture?:
(D&C 87:4)
4 And it shall come to pass, after many days, SLAVES shall rise up against their M…