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WW3 - R U Ready

This Week in the World Affairs Brief: THE WAR AGAINST FREE THOUGHT We are in the midst of a full scale war on free thought and free choice of association. The demands of the LGBT activists and Obama to mandate full transgender access to the bathing/toilet/shower/changing room of their choice, despite the privacy violations to others is just the foot in the door. Cultural radicals in this country will settle for nothing less than letting gays and sexual deviants run roughshod over everyone else’s rights and muzzle all opposing voices under penalty of evil law. Donald Trump is no champion of Western, Christian culture or the principles of law, but because he is not completely controlled by the establishment, they are scared to death of his becoming president. Nothing is more telling than his list presented this week of potential Supreme Court nominees—all conservative and labeled as “anti-gay” and “anti-women’s (false) right to an abortion.” You can request a one-time free sample of th…