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The New World Order, World War 3, ISIS, The Secret Agenda Of Illuminati ...

Well Designed Chaos-

Secretive Globalist Group to Talk Trump, Riots, Migrants & Brexit

This article by Paul Joseph Watson on the InfoWars website shows how globalists are panicking over the populist revolution sweeping the West. The secretive Bilderberg Group is currently meeting in Germany to discuss how to handle this development. 

At the end of the article is a list of confirmed participants in this secret meeting, and I was surprised to see so many Americans on the list. We often picture the globalists as foreigners who seek to bring down the United States. While that may be true, we shouldn’t forget that there are many U.S. citizens with the same devious goal. Their loyalty isn’t to a particular nation, but to the supposed “global good.” National allegiances are secondary as they work together to achieve their schemes. As you read through the agenda, and then scroll through the list of attendees, you’ll see that this meeting is essentially a General Conference for the world'…

The Rothschild Conspiracy Explained in 4 Minutes (Will Latter-Days Make It Through?)

Many LDS will NOT Survive the Cleansing- Source: (LDSAVOW Site) 

What Will Be The Key Reason The LDS Members Will NOT Be Able To Survive?

Unprepared? Famine? Plague? Pestilence? No plan? Roving bands of looters? All of those will be contributing factors, but not the factor. No, the one single factor that will cleanse the majority of LDS is unbelief. Not unbelief that the country is imploding, but a lack of faith caused by unbelief that comes from belief in false knowledge. I have been contemplating my research on this problem for some time now and I have been reaching certain conclusions based on what I have read compared with what I have observed. 

There are numerous references from various apostles and prophets, and in the scriptures that the Lord's House will be cleansed from iniquity prior to the Second Coming. Many of those references to the cleansing include plague, pestilence, famine, and war. We are told that not even the Saints will escape the coming destruction. There are m…