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Epic Book of Mormon Movie Trailer (With An Epic Book Of Mormon Timeline)

('Brexit' & The Book of Mormon Timeline)  Written By; John 'Uluakiola  Of Lehi, Utah.

The recent United Kingdom vote, to leave the now meaningless (and irrelevant) European Union, has come as a major surprise to many. 
(Especially those with globalist cabal interests and intentions)
I'm not at all surprised. Why?

It's just as the Book of Mormon prophesied.

As I have pointed out before, when one parallels the sign of the Savior's birth in 1 AD (3 Nephi 1) – a sign of unprecedented creation – with the scriptural-prophecy fulfilling events of September 11th 2001 AD (Joel 2:28-32) – a sign of unprecedented pending destruction (of the wicked) – through the end of the 'times of the Gentiles' (D&C 45:21-35) and the second coming of the Savior – a prophetic outline emerges for our day.

To help us understand where we are on that timeline, we need only look at the time between the anniversaries of the events of September 11th (2001) – which, as Pres. Gordon B…