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There Will Be No General Warning By The Prophet Before The Prophesied Ca...

“Begin to Be Enlightened”
By Neal A. Maxwell

As we look about us we perceive that unfortunately some Church members are in the “broad” way; most are scattered all along the straight and narrow path. The enlightened are moving forward steadily toward becoming men and women of Christ (see 3 Nephi 27:27; Helaman 3:29-30). Others are moving, but only irregularly. Some are dawdling. Still others are milling round the exits and entrances. A few have turned back or been turned aside.

Rather than describe members “geographically,” however, let us view their variety “attitudinally.”

Some members, undecided about taking on serious discipleship, continue with the “multitudes in the valley of decision” (Joel 3:14). It is ironical that this wearing indecisiveness produces its own form of fatigue. Moreover, those who fret and stew over whether or not to be “enlisted till the conflict is o’er” (Hymns, no. 250) are already losing the battle.

If we enlist and take the Savior’s yoke upon us we “shall find r…