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Déjà Vu, The Economic Indicators Look Alot Like 2008 - Episode 1027a

The question often arises: “Why would the elites need to create crisis at all; don’t they already have control of the world?”  Let's See What's Going On.... 

Potential Crisis Triggers Continue to Pile Up in 2016 - latest Brandon Smith article

Potential Crisis Triggers Continue To Pile Up In 2016
Wednesday, 20 July 2016 02:45 Brandon Smith

We are a little over half way through 2016 and, at the current rate, it will be a miracle if the year finishes without outright catastrophe in half the nations of the world. Some might call these events “Black Swans,” some might call them completely engineered threats, others might call it all a simple “coincidence” or a tragedy of errors. I stand strictly by the position that most of the dangers we see today have been deliberately escalated, if not strategically implemented.

Here is the problem; international financiers and globalist nut-jobs are clearly operating on a timeline with the end goa…