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Dreams Of War in America- (Book Of Mormon Extras: Why Is There A Warning On The Promised Land?)

Book of Mormon Extras: Lesson 6 – Why is there a Warning on the Promised Land? By Maurine Proctor · February 2, 2016
Lehi exults that he has obtained “a land of promise, which is choice above all other lands.” It will be for them a land of prosperity and liberty, where they will never be brought into captivity—but it comes with a warning. To understand just how grave and sober this warning is we must see a larger picture and understand the nature of this covenant as it extends back to the earliest times. This is essential understanding for those of us living in a time when our nation is, in fact, “dwindling in unbelief” and willfully turning its back on the God of this land, which we are told, at our peril, not to do “after we “have received so great blessings from the hand of the Lord” (2 Nephi 1:5,10). A warning voice from the Lord is not to be neglected. A warning voice from the Lord is not to be neglected. If we are tempted to, the Book of Mormon is designed by its very structure …