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We Will Not Escape 2016 Without A Catastrophic Financial Event :Andy Hof...

We live in a world of illusions. With the “virtual realities” of the electronic age and the abandonment of principles on the part of business, politics, the media and society in general, the once very clear lines between fact and fiction have become severely blurred. The result is a deteriorating world of “relativism.” This is especially true for many in the upcoming generations who seem to have a hard time discerning between facts and illusions, or for that matter, even understanding why the distinction is important.

This opens the door for despicable people to rise to power simply by pyramiding lies. The treachery has become so blatant that those who vote for these people have no choice but to admit that they’re corrupt. Hence, they become complicit in evil, replacing truth with lies and freedom with captivity (soon to come). Sound familiar?

So, here are just a few brutal facts that we’re facing today:
1. The total amount of U.S. currency in circulation today is $1.4 trillion (federalr…