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“Be of Good Cheer" (Elder Holland: The Battle Between Good and Evil is Intensifying)

LINE UPON LINE Elder Holland: The Battle Between Good and Evil is Intensifying By Maurine Proctor · August 16, 2016

Speaking to a capacity crowd in BYU’s Marriott Center at Education Week, Aug. 16, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland said that the word “religion” comes from the Latin word religare meaning to “tie,” or more literally to “re-tie.” “In that root syllable of ligare you can hear the echo of a word like ligature, which is what a doctor uses to sew us up if we have a wound,” he said. “So, for our purpose today, ‘religion’ is that which unites what was separated or holds together that which might be torn apart, an obvious need for us, individually and collectively, given trials and tribulations we all experience here in mortality.” The outcome of this conflict truly matters “What is equally obvious is that the great conflict between good and evil, right and wrong, the moral and the immoral—conflict which the world’s great faiths and devoted religious believers have historically tried t…