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Mena Lee Grebin Chaos Is Coming To America Imminent Warning!

On Dreams, Visions, Mosaics and Blind Men

I urgently plead with each one of us to live up to our privileges as bearers of the priesthood. In a coming day, only those men who have taken their priesthood seriously, by diligentlyseeking to be taught by the Lord Himself, will be able to bless, guide, protect, strengthen, and heal others. Only a man who has paid the price for priesthood power will be able to bring miracles to those he loves and keep his marriage and family safe, now and throughout eternity.—President Russell M. Nelson, April 2016 General Conference, Priesthood Session.

Mena Lee: Word of Warning--Hurricane A Word of Warning: Do not take this hurricane lightly! We have to look at the whole puzzle, and not just pieces of it. This is not just "another storm."

In July of 2015, I posted a vision I had on my website, of a powerful hurricane that would scale the coast of the southeast. I said that I wasn't sure if it would come during that season (2015), or the next, bu…