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Hillary Clinton in Prophecy (2 Nephi 13:2; Isaiah 3:12)

Published on Oct 20, 2016
I make no secret of the fact that I believe secret combinations have control of the government of the United States. Secret combinations are responsible for destroying governments. They rely on murder (think of all the “friends” of the Clintons that suddenly end up dead) and plundering to gain power, glory, and wealth. The only reason that Hilary Clinton is not in prison for her email scandal, particularly the sending/receiving classified materials, is the power of Bill Clinton with his friendly visit to the current Attorney General on the tarmac.

In Helaman 6:37-40 discusses how two different groups handled secret combinations among them. The Lamanites hunted the band of robbers and put them in prison. Then they preached the word of God to the robbers and were able to totally destroy the power of the secret combinations. The Nephites supported the secret combinations and built them up until the robbers covered the land and controlled the government. American …