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Visions, Dreams and Prophecies in abbreviated format by E-mails

Published on Nov 28, 2016 I must also add that I received further visions, dreams and prophecies in abbreviated format by e-mails, which unfortunately are not posted on the Web. Additional Video! Jeffery R. Holland - The Last Days (Food For Thought) George Washington's Vision The Vision of George Washington is not so well known by most Americans, but it is worth consideration as our country stands in peril of loosing everything we hold dear. At a time when our financial solvency and our national security are more vulnerable than we have ever been, what will save us from the doom that lurks at our doorstep? I chose to paint this vision at the triumphant moment when the Angel of Liberty bursts upon the scene. Whether or not the vision is authentic, is debatable, but the message it contains is timeless.