J. Reuben Clark Prophecy: Nuclear Attack In America

"We heard him (President Clark) reply in answer to a question as to why he had put his life savings into his presently owned Grantsville ranch: "This is all I have to leave my family when I die, and if they are not too lazy to work it, they won't starve. I have told them that when the first atomic bomb is dropped here in America, that they are to go out there on the ranch and stay until it is over." This last seemed not only to be wise counsel, but also a prophecy." Published in the Improvement Era, Sept 1961, page 632

"Our world is in turmoil. It is aging toward senility. It is very ill... Modern prophets are warning frequently, constantly. People are destroyed by their own acts. A modern prophet said, 'There is one principle [that we should] understand - that is of blessings and cursings. For instance, we read that war, pestilence, plagues, famine, etc., will be visited upon the inhabitants of the earth, but if distress through the judgements of God comes upon this people it will be because the majority have turned away from the lord.' (Spencer W. Kimball, October 1961 General Conference)


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