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✅ The Revelation 12 Sign in UNDER 15 minutes! 9 23 17 September 23, 201...

As I Watched And Listened To This Well Thought Out Video About The Great September Alignment, Mr. David Wells Does A Great Service To This Great Sign, And, I'm Grateful For His Sharing His Thoughts.
I Do Agree With His Thoughts On This Alignment And The Breakdown Of Revelation 12.

He (Mr. Wells) Does Claim That The Holy Bible Is The ONLY True Source For The Signs Of The Times.  Now, I Do Agree The Holy Bible Is A Most Valuable Source, I Don't Believe It's The ONLY True Source Of Scripture-

Here Is An Example Of What I Mean-

"No other ancient record does what the Book of Mormon does. When it comes to testifying of Jesus as Messiah, the Book of Mormon is unparalleled. It boldly proclaims to a modern world that Jesus was the Great Jehovah before He came to earth (see 3 Nephi 15:5); that as the Messiah He was born into mortality a real flesh-and-blood being (see Mosiah 3:5–7); that He was literally the Son of God and the son of a mortal woman named Mary (see Mosiah 3:8;…